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Got a late solo start today. Had to mow the lawn and plow up the food plot. 
Left the dock around 1130 and motored out to 230 foot of water and headed north. 
Deep rigger at 90 feet, 50 degree water with a Spin Dr and fly. Second rigger running a Mag Pirate and a Slide Diver out 275 with a Wonder Bread Spin Dr. 
The flys were biting bad, my ankles were bloody and an hour and a half in I had landed 2 bows and a low teens King. I was thirsty and sick of the flys and decided to clear. I cleared the deep rigger first followed by the one at 75. Turned to grab the dipsy and it started to scream. 800 feet on the first run, knew it was a good fish. Started to turn on the fish when it ran another 300. Thankfully the other rods were up, I circled the fish for a half hour and got bit by more flies. The fish stayed deep the whole time but eventually came up and I managed to get the net under it. 
Just under 27lbs of pure silver. 
Wasnr able to revive it but found a family fishing Long Pond that were thrilled to have it. 



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I was fortunate on the net job. My net is extended when I’m not out alone., but I keep it short if solo. 
I was careful to stay tight but gave the fish a few extra minutes before sliding him to the net. 100lb braid with an 80lb Flourocarbon to the Spin Dr on a 10 ft dypsy rod is a plus those last few feet. 
Net slid right under him and that was it. 

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I took a shower with isrish spring before a fishing trip my wife and freind got eated alive they didnt bite me I still do that and it seems to work

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