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Set up a little after 7 in 50 foot but water was same temp top to bottom so we slid out to 80 where temps looked better for kings and browns. Was out with my wife, older boy and his puppy.
Took a dink brown around 8 and reset. Around 830 my deep rigger parked at 70 started to scream. Billy fought the king but about 50 feet from the back of the boat it came unbuttoned. I was about to reset when I noticed the rigger parked at 60 appeared to have another dink brown on it so I popped the release.
I could tell quickly that it wasn’t a dink.
Beautiful male brown, our best and prettiest of the year.
Fished for another hour, hooked and dropped another king, again right behind the boat. Pulled lines at 11 so we could drive to the Oak to weigh the brown. Beautiful morning on the water hoping the weather holds throughout the weekend. IMG_2005.thumb.JPG.a82f3d3b674f6d128cd7df73ba935b33.JPGIMG_2008.thumb.JPG.27a46c686636c97d627c7dcb3a10e5d8.JPG
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