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Best spoon 2020


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I didn't have a shining star this season for spoons but Meat rigs were a different story.  

Best spoon for browns was a Stinger Stingray Black Tuxedo UV

Best spoon for kings was UV 2 face

Best Meat Rig was a tie between the Minion Key Lime and the Attomik Shenster.  

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On 12/10/2020 at 1:07 PM, Great_Laker said:

DW Blue Leopard by a longshot for kings and DW orange crush for steel

X2 I ended up buying another half dozen Blue Leopards too:smile:

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Tough to remember the top ones, but here are some that stood out in my mind for Salmon during 2020.



DW Green Jeans UV Reg & Mag

DW Martel Reg & Mag

Warrior Rod Father Reg & Mag

Stinger Glow Mixed Veggies (April)

Moonshine RV Mongolian Beef

DW Two face UV Mag



DW Martel Reg & Mag

DW Glow Roy Boy Reg & Mag (FishuSA exclusive)

Moonshine Carbon 14 Mag

DW Midnight Special Reg & Mag


You can find the DW's here at FishUSA - fishusa.rv5k.net/MaVkK


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